Thursday, September 21, 2017

Reset Canon MP140, MP145

Waste ink tank full, waste ink pad full, the ink absorber is almost full, error 5B00, error P07, blink 7 times, blink 8 times, the ink absorber becomes almost full, error E08, error E07, E27.

Canon Pixma MP140, MP145

Reset Canon MP140, MP145

Step 1: Enter Service Mode
1.   Turn off the printer.
2.   Press and hold the Stop/Reset button.
3.   Press and hold the On/Off button.
4.   Release the Stop/Reset button (the On/Off button is still pressed).
5.   Press and releasing the Stop/Reset button 1 times.
6.   Press and hold the Stop/Reset button.
7.   Release the On/Off and Stop/Reset buttons together.

After the both buttons are released, the indicator will blink green for some time and then the green will light constantly and the printer LCD show “0”.
If after follow points 1-7 the green light not constantly but the printer continues to show an error, it's mean you made a mistake in points 1-7. Turn off the printer and repeat step 1.

Step 2: Reset Canon MP140, MP145
8.   Press the Stop/Reset button 4 times (each time the Stop/Reset button is pressed, the power indicator changes color).
9.   Press the On/Off button 1 time to confirm the selected action (reset the absorber counter).
10. Press the On/Off button 2  times to turn off the printer.
11. Turn on the printer and now the printer is ready for use.

Another command for points 8:
Press the Stop/Reset button: 1 times – Orange – Service test print (load paper before do it)
Press the Stop/Reset button: 2 times – Green – EEPROM information print (load paper before do it)
Press the Stop/Reset button: 3 times – Orange – EEPROM initialization
Press the Stop/Reset button: 4 times – Green – Waste ink counter setting
Press the Stop/Reset button: 5 times – Orange – Destination setting (then Press Power, Press Stop/Reset 3x)
Press the Stop/Reset button: 6 times – Green – Print head deep cleaning
Press the Stop/Reset button: 11-13 times – Orange, Green, Orange – Return to menu selection
Press the Stop/Reset button: 14 times – Green – Left margin correction