Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Repair Hard Disk Problem Windows 7/8/10 [Final Solution] Stage 1/2

Repair hard disk problem can be done with 2 ways:
1. With third party software. Ex: HDD Reg, HDAT2, DRevitalize, etc.
2. Check disk. chkdsk /f /r [drive]:

To obtain maximum results disk repair is done in two stages:
Stage 1: Scan and repair with third party software.
Stage 2: Running check disk.

Third party software has advantages in identifying bad sectors and fixing them. Their identification much more thorough and accurate. While check disk has advantages,  recover damaged information on the sector that has been fixed, so that information can be read.

Repair disk bad sectors performed in two stages, will get maximum results because both will complement each other.

Here is bad sectors repair done in two stages

Stage 1: Scan and repair bad sectors with third party software

Create Hiren's Bootable Flash from another computer. 
To run HDAT2 download Hiren's Boot 15.1
Download Rufus.exe

Insert flash disk and open rufus.exe.

How to create Hirens BootCD run from USB Flash Drive read here

After Hiren's Bootable USB flash ready, insert Hiren's Bootable Flash to PC/Laptop error.
  • Turn on computer, press F2/Delete/Esc to enter BIOS
  • open SATA Controller Mode. From AHCI
  • changed into IDE/Compatibility. Save and exit
  • BIOS settings then boot from flash disk.

  • Dos Programs, Hard Disk Tools, HDAT2 4.53.
  • Wait... until show Device List.

  • If Device List not show up, following the next instructions. Type M for open Menu. Open Hard Disk Tools, HDAT2. Wait... until show Device List.

  • Select disk.
  • Drive Level Test Menu.
  • Check and Repair bad sectors and please wait...

  • If found bad sectors will appear images like this

  • Press ESC to exit.
  • Type M to enter Menu, Main Boot Menu,
  • Reboot/Shut down, then eject flash disk.

  • Turn on computer, press F2/Delete/Esc to enter BIOS.
  • Open SATA Controller Mode.
  • From IDE/Compatibility changed back to AHCI.
  • Save and exit BIOS then Start Windows Normally.

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Repair Hard Disk Problem Windows 7/8/10
[Final Solution]


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