Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to Fix Color Print Out is Bad on Canon Printer

This article comes from questions sent to me.

I have Canon Pixma MP258 with CISS. When I print on photo mode then the printer prints yellow color, but when I print any image or text in standard mode it does not print yellow in this situation is the circuit damaged ???


When print photo (High) – color normal
When print document (Standard) – yellow not out

I thing color cartridge OK (normal).
Why this problem can happen..?

Ink volume on color cartridge not same
About Print Quality
High : although the ink inside the cartridge is low, the print out is OK.
Standard : if the ink in the cartridge is low, the print out is BAD.

  • You must fill out the yellow ink, manually (injected), or  
  • Perform Deep Clean to drain the ink from the tube CISS.

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  1. thanks for this, i was able to fix the issue on my Canon printer. I have tried almost three kinds of fixes but this was the only one that solved the problem. i hope i would not encounter the same issue because i just bought an in k from superstore canada

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