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Fix Bad Sectors Hard Drive on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Part 1

This article was written, based on questions sent via email. The user has a problem with bad sectors, he asked how to overcome?
Hi ,

My name is ........ and I am in need to your help for my hard disk drive.
I used HD Tune PRO to check the bad sectors and health of my hard disc drive that is in my Samsung laptop.
1.Quick scan does not shows any error or bad sectors (screen shot attached)
2.Although Full scan shows 1.1% bad sectors (screen shot attached), and check say that some read write errors (screen shot attached) 
My HDD is 500GB
What i was thinking that as screen shot of full scan says that the bad sectors are only till region 50gb(let me know if i am reading correct from screen shot) so i will full format the laptop hard drive and will not include first 50GB in primary partition therefore no read and write operation will happen and there will be no 100% disk utilization as bad sectors are not performing read and write operations.
What problem i am facing right now is that even after full format my laptop is freezing repeatedly in every 15-20 minutes and disc utilization in task manger is showing 100 or 99% disc utilization.
i will use the remaining 450GB for installing OS and other things
Please let me know if i am technically thinking right and doing this will solve my problem or not.
Also let me know how long i can use my current Hard Disc Drive or i have to change it immediately.
Also i tried HDD Regenerator but its saying that bad sectors cannot be repaired. and my windows 8.1 is showing again and again Windows detected a hard disc problem
Please help as my laptop is freezing every time and it took 2 hours for me type this email.:(
Quick scan with HD Tune

Full scan with HD Tune
Health status with HD Tune
HDD Regenerator scan and fix under Windows


Important information;
  1. For your case, number of bad sectors is 27 (± 6270 Mb – 54312 Mb)
  2. For your case, bad sectors can fixed. How to fix it...? To fix bad sectors, use HDD Regenerator Bootable CD or HDat2 Bootable CD, insert CD, restart and boot from CD Room.
  3. How to make Bootable CD…?
HDD Regenerator


Download software and read How to Create Bootable CD HDAT2

For your case, best choice is HDAT2 Bootable CD to fix bad sector. How to used HDAT2 Bootable CD..? Watch this video Fix Bad Sectors with HDAT2
     4.  If I use HDD Regenerator and repair physical bad sectors on damage drive surface directly under 
          Windows. How about this way..?
Based on my experience, this method does not work well if bad sectors on Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10, if your OS is WinXP, this way can be use.

      5.   If my OS Win8.1 and I use HDD Regenerator and scan with HD Tune found bad, how to fix bad.?
To fix bad, best choice is eject HD and connect as external hard drive.

In the use of HDD Regenerator, it is the best choice (eject the drive and connect it as an external hard drive).

      6.   If I use HDD Regenerator CD Bootable, how to use it…?

-   Turn on PC/Laptop

-   Press F2/Delete to enter BIOS

-   Insert HDD Regenerator CD Bootable
-   Open SATA Controller Mode. From AHCI change to IDE/Compatibility 

-  Save BIOS settings - exit and boot from CD Room

-  After all bad sectors finish to repair, restart, press F2/Delete to enter BIOS. Open SATA Controller

    Mode. From IDE/Compatibility change back to AHCI, save and restart

       7.   If the BIOS settings, I can not find SATA Controller Mode, what should I do…?

-  Connect the bad drive as an external hard disk

       8.  Initially, the operating system suddenly froze. Then I checked the bad sectors with HD Tune.

            HD Tune locates bad sectors as shown….

          I try to fix bad with HDD Regenerator under Windows, but show an error message

          Then I try re-partition my hard drive like this. Then install OS on second partition (450 Gb)

There are two ways to partition the hard drive!

  1. Create the partition with third party software. First partition = 50 Gb primary (create partition and quick format). Second partition = 450 Gb, the primary active (create partition and full/quick format). Install fresh copy OS on the second partition (450 Gb). After the install finished, delete the drive letter first partition (50 Gb) so the file system NTFS, the drive letter is none. So, only use 450 Gb hard drive capacity. 
  2. Create partition with CD Bootable Windows, with partition; 350 Mb (system reserved win8.1), 49.65 Gb (second part), 200 Gb (third part), 250 Gb (fourth part). Install OS on third partition, etc. After the install finished, delete the drive letter second partition (50 Gb) so the file system NTFS, the drive letter is none. So, only use 450 Gb hard drive capacity.

    1.   All you do is separating the bad on the drive, using a partition. So, you do not fix the bad
          in the 27 points (look HD Tune report), but separate it.

    2.   Because the last bad position = 54312 Mb (LBA 111232124), setting a new partition should be, 

          first partition = 60 Gb, second partition = 440 Gb. If the partition is 50 GB and 450 GB

          which occurs as image.

      3.   If I create partition 60 Gb and 440 Gb and install the operating system on 440 Gb, can this solution

            fix hard disk problems...? Based on my experience, this solution can not fix hard disk problems.

      4.   What happens with my disk...?

Bad sector early is for the first time sector on a hard disk can not be used or OS inability to successfully access it. I call as Bad Sector Beginning. Bad sectors beginning sometimes there are one or two bad found.

When bad sector beginning happened on the disk, operating system fails to load. In many case, operating system fail to load one of them caused by bad sector. Because, user not aware the OS failure cause by bad sector, and try many solution always fail, and the last solution is install fresh copy OS, bad sector beginning (one or two bad) will spread on many place. In this condition, the OS fail to load once again (like your case now). In the second problem, you scan hard drive with HD Tune, and 27 bad found (bad sectors spread). Maybe the story like this.

       5.   Does the disk is still proper to use...? My answer is YES.

       6.   How long can be use...? Can use for a long time.

In this case, although the bad has spread, but not evenly distributed in all the disk surface. There are some important things, about the spread of bad sectors

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