Monday, December 16, 2013

Repair Hard Drive Bad Sector 4

Repair Hard Drive Bad Sector, Case No.3

Step 1. Preparation Before Repair

Step 2. Damage Analysis

  • Turn on computer, press Delete/Esc/F2 to enter BIOS
  • SATA Controller Mode. SATA Controller Mode from AHCI, changed to IDE / Compatibility

  • Setting the boot. First boot is CD Room
  • Insert Hiren's CD, save the BIOS settings and restart
  • When Hiren's Boot CD menu appears, select Start Mini Windows XP - Enter.

  • Damage Analysis No. 1. Checking partition. How; Press START - Programs - Administrative Tools - Disk Management. Open the Disk Management to check the system partition. When the drive had bad sectors, possibly corrupted system partition. Information from Disk Management is very important, because we can find out where the bad sectors, and its effect on the drive, so that we can make a decision before the repair begins.

  • Information from Disk Management, follow up by checking; location and the number of bad sectors. Inspection is done by HDD Regenerator. HDD Regenerator can be found in Hiren's BootCD 9.9
  • Damage Analysis No.2. Checking bad sectors. Restart the computer - Start BootCD - Hard Disk Tools - HDD Regenerator - Enter - Scan, but do not repair (show bad sectors). Information about the location of bad sectors, and the number of bad sectors is very important.

  • Here is a scan of the HDD Regenerator

Step 3. Improvement
After the scan with HDD Regenerator is completed, we will be getting information
  1. Effect of bad sectors on the hard drive.
  2. The location of bad sectors.
  3. The number of bad sectors.
See the picture below

Picture Analysis
    1. Bad sectors found = 61 sectors
    2. The location of bad sectors = drive C
    3. Bad sectors corrupt file system (file system drive C = unknown)
    4. Drive D/E/F normal, or no bad sectors
    5. Operating system is corrupt, because there are bad sectors on drive C
      • Perform a scan and repair with HDD Regenerator (Enter choice = 1)
        • After the scan and repair is complete, restart the computer, boot from the hard drive
        • After a bad successfully recovered, the operating system will return to normal.
        • After entering the desktop, do check disk. How; Press START - Run - cmd - OK- write; chkdsk /f /r c: - enter - Yes
          • Restart the computer, wait for the process is complete

          •  After check disk, the repair is complete.
          • Scan and repair with HDD Regenerator, continued with chkdsk /f /r c: is solution for number of bad sectors <100

          After the hard drive is successfully repaired
          1. The operating system will return to normal
          2. The data on drive C will be back to normal (not required recovery data)
          3. Hard drive is still feasible to use