Monday, December 16, 2013

Repair Hard Drive Bad Sector 3

Repair Hard Drive Bad Sector, Case No.2

Characteristic of bad sector on drive D/E/F

  • When the computer starts, check the disk always appears
  • Found, found.000 folder + sub directory. FOUND.000 folder is the folder that is generated from the check disk. There are two types of folders FOUND.000
    1. FOUND.000 = no bad sectors / check disk successfully repair disk damage / destruction are not found in the disk.
    2. found.000 + sub directory = bad sectors / check disk unsuccessful repair disk damage / destruction are found in the disk 

  • How to look, found.000 folder. Open Windows Explorer, select Tools - Folder Options - View - put checks on "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" - OK.

Step 1. Preparation before repair

  • Turn off screen saver. Purpose; repair disk that is not disturbed by the appearance of the screen saver. Right-click the Desktop - Properties - Screen Saver - None - OK
  • Turn off all power options. Purpose; repair disk that is not disturbed by; turn off display, standby, turn off hard disks, sleep. Turn off monitor = never, turn off hard disks = never, system standby = never, dim the display = never, turn off the display = never, put the computer to sleep = never.

  • Delete all Scheduled Task. Purpose; repair disk that is not disturbed by scheduled task.
  • Disconnect internet connectionPurpose; repair disk that is not disturbed by; anti virus update, windows update, etc.

Step 2. Damage Analysis and Solution

Method 1 (for Windows XP and Vista)

  • Download and install, HDD Regenerator software
  • Open HDD Regenerator - double click "Surface directly under Windows" - double click hard drive - OK - OK - Enter choice = 2 (scan but do not repair, show bad sectors) - enter. Wait until finish.

  • Analysis and solutions, for this case, see the video below

Method 2 (for indows XP, Vista,7, 8)

  • Download and install HD Tune Pro
  • Open HD Tune Pro - Error Scan - Start. Wait until finish

  • See the video below; Analysis of bad sectors with HD Tune Pro
  • Solution. Example, found bad on drive E. Right click drive E - select Properties - Tools - Error checking (Check Now), put checks on "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" - Start. Wait until finish.

After successful repair of bad sectors
  1. The operating system will return to normal
  2. Hard disk is still feasible to use
  3. No need to do data recovery