Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to Fix Canon iP2770 and MP287 error 5B00

On Canon iP2770, error 5B00 mean, the ink absorber is almost full. The solution is to do reset.
On Canon MP287, error E08 mean, the ink absorber is almost full. The solution is to do reset.

Here is how to reset Canon iP2770 and MP287 printers

1.  Service Mode iP2770 and MP287
  • Plugged the power cord and the printer is off
  • Press and hold RESUME button, then
  • Press and hold POWER button, then release the RESUME button (the POWER button still pressed)
  • Press the RESUME button 5 TIMES, then release the POWER button.
  • The computer will detect new devices. This situation is called SERVICE MODE 

  • Press CANCEL and the printer ready to reset.
2. Reset Canon iP2770 and MP287
  • Download Resetter MP287 or Resetter iP2770
  • If your printer is Canon Pixma iP2770, open this link How to fix iP2770 erro 5B00
  • If your printer is Canon Pixma MP287, follow instruction bellow
  • Extract file and open file Resetter Canon MP287.exe 
  • Load a paper in the printer
  • Click the MAIN, and printer will print one page, with the words D = 000.0
  • Click the EEPROM Clear

  • Close application, then turn off printer.
  • Turn on printer and try to print
Have problem when use software re-setter, read this Problems when Reset Canon Printer
  • When try to print, appear error E13 on MP287, or error E16 on iP2770 (reset cartridge black or color)
  • Press and hold stop/reset button (7 second)
  • Printer ready to use
How to fix Canon MP287 error E08

Problems When Reset Canon Printer