Monday, May 7, 2012

Add Flying Letters below Mouse Pointer

Add Flying Letters below Mouse Pointer. Example: we want to include name, sweetheart, website, etc moving from right to left on a continuous basis, under the mouse pointers.
Mouse pointers image size is 32 x 32 pixels (width x height). There are two types of cursors, static cursors [*.ani, *.cur] and animated cursors [*.ani]. To create animated cursors, use "Jasc Animation Shop". Here is, Add Flying Letters below Mouse Pointer

1. Download and install Jasc Animation Shop 3.11 free (support Windows XP, Vista, 7)
2. Select menu File - Browse - open drive C:\Windows\Cursors\ - select file rainbow.ani (for example a pointer).
3. Block, frame 2 until frame 13 (F:2 - F:13) - right click - delete
4. Right click frame 1 (F:1) - select Insert Text Effect
5. Select Font – Font attributes (Name; Microsoft Sans Serif, Style: Bold, Size: 10) – Enter text here (write words/phrases to be included, example: Chris John) – OK
6. Click Custom Color Black – OK. Select effect: Marquee – Customize – Disable Center text vertical - Text top: 22 – OK

Text top is distance writing, from the top side of picture. Size of mouse pointers are 32 x 32 pixels. Because the font size = 10 pixel, so distance from the upper side is = 32-10 = 22 pixels.

7. Effect Length = 5.5 seconds and Frames Per Second = 10 fps(frames per seconds) - OK

Effect Length is the time required to run the effect. For example, we use 5.5 seconds

Frames Per Second is the number of frames are playing in one second (unit: frames per seconds). Example: we use 10 fps (in one second, playing 10 frames/picture). The greater value of Frames Per Second, motion animation, will be more smooth.

Effect contains a total is multiplication between "Effect Length" and "Frames Per Second" = 5.5 x 10 = 55 frames.

8. Delete F:1. Frame 1 is file rainbow.ani
9. Save file. Open the menu File - Save as
Save in = C:\Windows\Cursors\
File name = My Cursors
Save as type = Animated Cursor [*.ani] - OK
10. Apply "My Cursor.ani" to mouse pointers
START - Control Panel - Mouse - Pointers - Normal Select - Browse - Look in: C:\Windows\Cursors\ - select file "My Cursor.ani" - Open - Apply - OK. FINISH

Jasc Animation Shop can be used to create animation
  • Animated Cursor [*.ani]
  • Animation Shop Animation [*.mng]
  • Autodesk Animation [*.flc]
  • Autodesk Animation [*.fli]
  • CompuServe Graphics Interchange [*.gif]
  • Video for Windows [*.avi]