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Fix Canon Cartridge

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The types of damage and fix solutions for canon cartridges

Problem 1
The characteristics of damage
- When the cartridge is filled, fill up quickly.
- There was an error in charging the ink (the color cartridges)
Causes of damage
- Foam ink container, hard
- Foam ink container, polluted another color
1. Open the cartridge. Be careful, do not touch the print head and electrical contacts

do not touch the print head and electrical contact


2. Remove the foam ink container, then wash with water
3. Replace the foam, and then inject the ink



4. Attach the cartridge cover with glue. If the glue is not strong enough, tied with tape
5. Suck the ink from the print head. Suck the ink, can be done in two ways.
- Manual: the ink vacuum
- Automatic: install cartridge into the printer, press the START - Printers and Faxes, right-click the Canon printer - Printing Preferences - Maintenance - Deep Cleaning - Execute.

6. Attaching a print head on tissue paper

Watch video below; 
Complete steps how to follow instruction above

Problem 2
The characteristics of damage
- When filled with ink, print head is always flowing ink
Causes of damage
- Paper membrane cartridges, torn

Cover with paper ink retaining membrane

Problem 3
The characteristics of damage
Red and yellow colors are not out

Causes of damage
- Print head clogged or hard foam cartridges (solution 1)

- Wet ink circuit, resulting in short-circuit on the electrical contacts (solution 2)

Solution 1

1. Open the cartridge
2. Clean the ink reservoir foam
3. Insert the ink into the foam

4. Suck the ink from the print head

Solution 2
Because there is damage to the red and yellow color sensor, the solution is to replace the cartridges with new ones.

Problem 4
The characteristics of damage
- Print out is not clear or striped


Causes of damage
Ink serves as a lubricant. When the ink runs out, the print head will dry. This resulted in damage to the print head

soft crack on print head
print head is broken

1. Torn Print head (black)
2. Torn Print head (color)
3. Normal print head, but print out striped (soft crack)

Replace the cartridges with new ones

Video How to Fix Cartridge

Cross-sectional images canon cartridges

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