Disable AutoPlay Windows more selective and specific

Many external devices autorun function. Windows autorun menu, very useful to activate external equipment connected to the computer. Example: flash drives, network drives, CD-ROM drives, RAM disks, and all Kinds of drives.

To disable Windows autorun is selective and specific, consider the following table

  • disable Autorun for network drives only >> set the value of NoDriveTypeAutoRun registry entry to 10.
  • disable Autorun for removable drives and for network drives  >>  you must add 0x4 and 0x10, which is the mathematical addition of 2 hexadecimal values, to determine the value to use. 0x4 + 0x10 = 0x14. So, set the value of the NoDriveTypeAutoRun entry to 14.
Disable AutoPlay on all kinds off drives (Windows XP)

Disable AutoPlay for all media and devices (Windows Vista and 7)
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