Friday, December 2, 2011

Fix Transcend Flash Drive

To fix Transcend flash disk, use JetFlash Online Recovery software.
Type of damage can be repaired with the JetFlash Online Recovery 

  1. Can be used to save data.
  2. Repair damaged partition table (file system = RAW or unknown, used space and free space = 0 bytes, windows was unable to complete the format, or can not format from computer management)
  3. Repair damaged firmware (characteristic, when flash disk is inserted Transcend flash disk is not detected, but detectable generic flash disk)
  4. Forgot password. Used to open the flash disk that is locked because of forgotten password
  5. Flash disk for bad sectors. How to fix bad sectors Transcend, will be discussed in more detail
  6. Transcend write protect. Flash drive write protect means, there is damage to the firmware. JetFlash Online Recovery, can be used to restore the firmware flash drive is damaged.
JetFlash Online Recovery can be used if the flash drive still detected the computer (when flash disk is inserted, computer detect drive F or G), but if the flash drive is not detect, this software can not be used. If the flash drive is not detected, it means there is damage to the hardware (components in the flash disk is damaged).

To avoid mistakes in the repair flash drive, you should do the Analysis of Damage a Flash Drive

How to use JetFlash Online Recovery

1.  Insert flash disk and make sure you have internet connection
2.  Download JetFlash Online Recovery (free).

3.  Open JetFlash Online Recovery. Select flash disk capacity - START

4. Check the boxes for "Repair drive & keep data existed" - START

5. If "Repair drive & keep data existed" successful, it will appear below, then press Exit to end the repair process. Note: Data can be saved to the type of damage Partition Table (file system is RAW/unknown, used/free space 0 bytes)

6. If "Repair drive & keep data existed" is not successful, the process will be repeated and you must select the option "Repair drive & erase all data" and then press START. Then press Exit to finish. Note: Firmware for type of damage, flash drives can be repaired, but the data can not be saved.

Comparison of flash drive before and after repair

Video - Repair Transcend "The Disk is Write Protected"