Friday, December 2, 2011

Fix SanDisk Flash Drive

To fix the SanDisk flash drive, use the U3 Launchpad. This software is used to fix the types of damage:
  1. Backup and restore all data
  2. File system RAW / unknown (type; damage the partition table)
  3. Used space 0 bytes, free space 0 bytes (type; damage the partition table)
  4. Flash drive can not formatted, quick format, or format from the Administrative Tools (types; damage the partition table)
  5. Forgot the password. U3 Launchpad can be used to reset the password (data can be saved)
  6. Flash drive is write-protected. (types; damage firmware, data can not be saved)
  7. Restore capacity of flash, for example: properties 0 bytes, 48 bytes. (types; damage firmware, data can not be saved)
  8. Fix bad sectors. How to detect bad sectors on SanDisk and solutions, we discuss separately.
U3 Launchpad can be used, if the flash drive is still detected (detected drive F/G), but if the flash drive is not detected, the possibility of damage to hardware, for example; USB Device Not Recognize, or flash drivers not detected.

To avoid mistakes in the repair flash drive, you should do the Analysis of Damage a Flash Drive

How to use the U3 LaunchPad software

1. Download U3 Launchpad
2. Connect your flash drive with computer, then double-click LPInstaller.exe - Next
3. Accept - Next
4. Check "Yes, backup and restore all data" - Next - Next - wait to finish - Finish. When using the U3 Launchpad, recommended: turn off screen saver, disable turn off the monitor and hard disks, disable system standby, and do not open other applications. For damage, file system RAW/unknown, used/free space 0 bytes, forgot password, data can be be saved.

5. If the backup and restore all data fails, the process will be repeated and then select "No, do not backup data That is currently on the drive (All data will be destroy)" - Next - Next - Finish. If the data can not be saved, it means the firmware is damaged.
U3 Launchpad, you can download here
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