Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fix ADATA Flash Drive

Type of damage can be repaired:
  1. File system = RAW / unknown
  2. Used space = 0 bytes, free space = 0 bytes
  3. Right-click the USB flash drive - select Format - Capacity = 10,6 MB
  4. Can not formatted (direct format, or format from Disk Management)
  5. When formatted = the disk is write protected
  6. When inserted, the flash drive is detected = Generic flash drive
Before doing the repair flash drive, you should learn how Analysis Damage a Flash Drive

Repair flash disk ADATA, done in 3 stages;
1.  Rescue data
2.  Repair flash disk
       -  Repairs done with tools from support
       -  Repairs done with third-party tools
3. Restore data to flash disk

Follow the stages of ADATA flash disk repair
1.  Rescue data
        1.  Insert flash, open recovery software, run scan (deep scan)

        2.  Save the recovery files to the hard disk. Make sure all data has been saved.

2.  Repair flash disk
There are 2 solutions that can be used;
1.  Use the tools provided by If the tool you need isn't available on, 
     follow the second solution.

2.  Using third-party tools.

1.  Use the tools provided by
Open - support - RMA service - usb flash drive online recovery.
RMA service - usb flash drive online recovery
check the serial number on the connector
write serial number

enter serial number and download tool

save file and extract

open oru.exe

follow instruction
The above instruction is a way to get the tools provided by Because the repair with oru.exe all data will be lost, therefore it is advisable to do the recovery files first, before running this program.
Tutorial video Fix ADATA flash drive with oru.exe

If support from is not available for your flash disk type, follow the second solution.
If the tool is not available on, a message will appear like this

2.  Using third-party tools
-  Download Chip Genius (chip genius is the software used to detect the serial number of the flash drive IC).
-  Insert flash drive - open chip genius
Insert flash drive and then open chip genius
-  Open google search engine, write controller part number flash drive.
Example; UT165 A0A tool
UT165 0A0 tool
Super stick recovery tool


Download Super Stick Recovery Tool for UT161, UT163, UT165
Download Urescue for UT161, UT163, UT165, IT1167
Download USBest UT165 rescue
Download UT165 MPTool

Tutorial video Fix ADATA flash drive 2nd solution