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Avira Anti Virus Auto Scan Flash Drive

Virus can be entered into a computer in two ways:
1. Internet
2. External devices that are infected (example: flash drives, micro SD, etc)

Flash drives can infected by the virus when inserted into the infected computer. When the flash drive is removed from computer, flash drive will be carrying the virus, and can transmit the virus to other computers. In the flash drive is infected, there is a file autorun.inf. Autorun.inf file will work automatically when the flash drive is inserted.
Flash drive infected virus. Assumption: We don't know, the other computer infected or not.
Flash drives virus carriers. In the flash drive, will have autorun.inf file. Autorun.inf will work automatically, when inserted to computer.

Default windows setting, AutoPlay when external devices inserted.
When the flash drive is inserted, Auto Play menu will appear. If we press the "Open folder to view files", the virus automatically be entered into the computer, because in the flash drive, there is a file autorun.inf
Anti-virus in the guard position, can not blocking autorun.inf to infect computers. This is due, user presses the "Open folder to view files"

1. When Auto Play appear and choose Open folder to view files, computer will be infected virus, although anti-virus in the guard position
2. Insert flash drive - open My Computer - right click the flash drive - select the virus scan. This method is not effective and too long. When flash drive inserted, automatically anti-virus scan, not the other. Scan virus must be work automatically, without having to instruct a virus scan.

Avira Anti Virus Auto Scan Flash Drive

Avira anti virus auto scan flash drives, can be done in two ways:
1. Using AutoPlay Repair software (free)
2. Using USB Safely Remove software (30 days)

1. Avira auto scan flash drive, with AutoPlay Repair
  • Download and install Avira Anti Virus (free)
  • Download and install AutoPlay Repair (free)
  • Insert flash drive  >>  open AutoPlay Repair  >> follow instructions in the picture
Command line
Scan USB Mass Storage Device
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avscan.exe
/CFG="C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\rmdiscs.avp"

  • Remove the flash drive
  • To check, insert the flash drive. Avira anti-virus will scan automatically when flash drive is inserted
  • Complete guide to this way, can you see in the video

Alternative video link

If this method fails, you must remove the register AutoplayHandlers
START >> Run>> regedit >> HKEY_USERS \ S-1-5-21-1801674531-1580436667-725345543-1003 \ Software \ Microsoft \
Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer

Make sure, there are no folders
AutoplayHandlers \ EventHandlersDefaultSelection
AutoplayHandlers \ UserChosenExecuteHandlers

If found registry AutoplayHandlers, we must delete the registry and restart.
Then, repeat the above process

2. Using USB Safely Remove (30 days)

a. Download and Install USB Safely Remove
Support Win XP, Vista and Seven. USB Safely Remove can be used for setting up anti-virus auto scan flash drives. After Installation complete, double click USB Safely Remove from Desktop, select View - Options - Global Autorun - After device plugging - Add predefined autorun template - Scanning the drive with antivirus - Choose Anti-Virus - Avira Antivir - OK.

b. Turn off Auto Play Windows
Auto play windows, used a virus, as the entrance to the computer

Turn off auto play for Windows XP
Press START - Run - regedit - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer - NoDriveTypeAutoRun - Value Data - Type = 4


Turn off auto play for Windows Vista and 7
Press "START" - Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Auto play - uncheck "Use Autoplay for all media devices" - SAVE.

To disable the Windows AutoRun, a more complete discussion can be found here
Disable autorun Windows more selective and specific (for Win 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008 and Windows Vista)

c. Setting Avira Anti Virus
Open Avira anti virus - System scanner - Configuration - Action on detection - Automatic - Primary action : Repair - Secondary action : Delete - OK.

When the flash drive is inserted into the USB port, Avira anti-virus will automatically perform a virus scan process. Wait for the scan is complete, do not open the flash drive before the scan is complete. After the scan is complete, Avira anti-virus, will give a report, whether the flash drive is infected or not, how much virus is detected, how many infected files repaired, and the virus removed. After the virus scan is complete, you can open the flash drive safely.
Advantages of anti virus auto scan flash drives
1. Prevents virus-infected computer from an external device (flash drive, micro SD, external hard disk, etc)
2. Clean the flash drive from virus
3. Clean the files in the flash drive is infected with virus
4. Stop transmission of virus, from the flash drive
5. Open the flash drive safely, without fear infected the virus

Download Avira Antivirus Free

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