How to find software to fix flash disk

How to find softwate or tool that can be used to fix flash disk, follow the instruction below;
1. Download chip genius
Chip genius is software used to detect the serial number of the flash drive chip. How to use the chip genius, insert the flash drive, open chip genius, noted; controller part-number.

2. Open browser write part-number in search engine. Example; PS2251-50 tool, SSS6698-BA tool, CBM2098S tool.
Download tool and use to fix the flash.

How to Fix All Desktop Icons Changed to Same Icon

This problem begins when user download an application or file, from an untrusted source. Finish download, user open the file and appear "open with". Then user selects one of the apps from the list, example; VLC Media Player and then press OK. Suddenly, all applications inside the computer turned into VLC Media Player shortcuts. Or when it comes "open with", user selects Windows Media Center, then all applications will change to Windows Media Center shortcut. Desktop shortcut views may vary depending on what application you choose, when the message "open with" appears.

I suggest that you be careful when downloading files from untrusted sources, installing add ons or security extensions on your browser, updating anti-virus and anti-malware to protect you, and dont be fooled by the malicious websites.

Check out the video tutorial, how to solve this problem.